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1973 Miss America Winner Terry Meeuwsen News

Portland teacher, honored by Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, credits Title IX ...

Sunnyside Environmental PE teacher Dian Christensen, shown here with her students, will be inducted into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame for her successes during her high school career. Christensen is in her 11th year at the school. (Courtesy of ...

1973 Miss America Winner Terry Meeuwsen News

Pat Robertson Says Gays 'Will Die Out'

Huffington Post
Televangelist Pat Robertson predicts that gays will die out because they don't reproduce. Robertson was responding to a viewer who belongs to a church in which congregants aren't allowed to date. "It is treated as a sin to show interest in or have a ...

1973 Miss America Winner Terry Meeuwsen News

Pat Robertson Drives His Corvette Over 100 MPH, Apparently God Says It Is Ok

GM Authority (blog)
Evangelic nutcase Pat Robertson doesn't see any problem with going over 100 mph on an open stretch of road. In fact, God may even have given him permission. While doing his what-sometimes-can-be-described-as-radical show, The 700 Club, a viewer ...

1973 Miss America Winner Terry Meeuwsen News

Pat Robertson: God says I can drive my Corvette over 100 mph on public roads

Raw Story
Televangelist Pat Robertson likes to drive fast, and he says that God has given him permission to ignore the speed limit. On Thursday's edition of The 700 Club, a viewer asked Robertson if her husband was sinning by driving over the speed limit. “My ...

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