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1951 Miss America Winner Yolande Betbeze News

Miss Universe: Jasmin Griebl in Top Ten

Die Wahl zur „Miss Universe“ gibt es seit 1952. Der Schönheitswettbewerb wurde vom US-amerikanischen Textilunternehmen „Pacific Mills“ als Konkurrenz zur Miss World gegründet. Der Wettbewerb wurde ins Leben gerufen, nachdem Yolande Betbeze sich ...

1951 Miss America Winner Yolande Betbeze News

The Renegade Miss Americas Who Spat on the Pageant's Ideals

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"There was nothing but trouble from the minute that crown touched my head," Betbeze (later Betbeze Fox) said. She used her pageant scholarship money to study philosophy at the New School for Social Research and volunteered for the NAACP.

1951 Miss America Winner Yolande Betbeze News

What's The Difference Between Miss America And Miss USA? There's A Few

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The Miss America pageant is coming this Sunday, with all the pomp, circumstance, dresses, bathing suits and so on you might expect. But if you're wondering why this show is on ABC and not NBC, or muttering to yourself, "Wasn't Trump involved with that?

1951 Miss America Winner Yolande Betbeze News

Jackie Kennedy's DC home sells for $6.5M

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In June 2016, Jackie Kennedy's Georgetown mansion privately landed on the market for $10 million. After languishing for a few months, it was eventually publicly listed for $8,995,000 before finally experiencing one last price chop this past January ...

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