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None Too Fragile Theater's off-kilter satire 'Pure Shock Value' lives up to its title with relish

As its title implies, the play is out to make you cringe and wince and howl, as the sell-out, well-lubricated crowd did the Saturday before the Super Bowl, cheerfully crammed cheek-by-jowl in None Too Fragile's hole-in-the-wall theater behind Akron's ...

1950 Miss America Winner NONE News

None for the road: Drink drive limit may be lowered

Sunday Times Driving (blog)
THE DRINK-DRIVING limit may be lowered in England and Wales to make it illegal to drive after one pint of beer or a glass of wine, a government minister has indicated. Browse NEW or USED cars for sale on driving.co.uk. The move would see the current ...

1950 Miss America Winner NONE News

German authorities none missing from deadly train crash

Fox News
BERLIN – Police say they are no longer looking for a missing person in the train crash that has killed 10 and injured dozens in a rural area in southern Germany. Police spokesman Stefan Sonntag said Wednesday that after contacting all hospitals in the ...

1950 Miss America Winner NONE News

Fitzgerald: How about a vote for 'none of the above'

Boston Herald
Before the “first-in-the-nation primary” was over, the candidates were wallowing in the gutter, unleashing ad hominem attacks on one another as if spraying the field with buckshots of venom. It invited a wistful thought: If only there were a way all of ...

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