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'None of these things happened,' defence tells mistreatment trial

New Zealand Herald
The answer is they didn't, none of these things happened." He urged the jury to remember 'this troubled kid" had been invited into their home by decent folk giving him a structured life with guidelines and boundaries, rewards and consequences. He ...

1950 Miss America Winner NONE News

Sponsorship blues, none shall escape

Trinidad Guardian
While it is regrettable that none of Barbados' classic horses have taken up an invitation to participate in the Trinidad equivalent, this is undoubtedly the result of none of them being considered even remotely good enough by their connections. The ...

1950 Miss America Winner NONE News

The Marlins' seventh-inning blasts were led by none other than Ichiro Suzuki

The Phillies fell to the Marlins,12-8, and the bats were unstoppable for Miami during the top of the seventh inning thanks to Giancarlo Stanton … and none other than Ichiro Suzuki. Here's the most fascinating aspect of the inning: Suzuki's three-run ...

1950 Miss America Winner NONE News

Inside R. Kelly's Most Shocking Scandals Over the Years, None of Which Derailed His Success in Any Perceivable Way

E! Online
On Aug. 31, 1994, R. Kelly married Aaliyah at a hotel in Rosemont, Ill. He was 27. She was 15, but the marriage certificate falsely listed her age as 18. The union was annulled months later. At the 1994 Billboard Music Awards that December, R. Kelly ...

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