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Somabar is looking like the best affordable cocktail machine ever, bar none

Fancy a cocktail at the end of a long hard day at work, but can't be faffed to go through the trouble of making one? Then Somabar might end up being your new best drinking buddy. The premise is simple. Fill device with spirits and mixers. Find recipes.

1950 Miss America Winner NONE News

Obama's role in falling gas prices: None whatsoever

So the man asked, is it possible to blame President Obama when gasoline prices were stratospheric but cut him out of the credit pie now that they're plunging? There's a short answer, but it requires explaining. When gasoline prices soared in the latter ...

1950 Miss America Winner NONE News

House collapses in Old Delhi, none hurt

Times of India
NEW DELHI: A building in Old Delhi's Churiwalan area collapsed on Sunday evening. Police and fire officials said a woman and a man Chander suffered minor injuries. The building, located at Prem Narain gali in Churiwalan area of Chandni Mahal, was ...

1950 Miss America Winner NONE News

None can take over state's function: Court

Times of India
NEW DELHI: Expressing concern over rise in incidents of moral policing, a Delhi court has said no one can be permitted to take over the state's function. The observation came while awarding a life term to a gunman for firing at a man who was sitting in ...

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