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1947 Barbara Jo Walker
Sally Gray
Miss Memphis Wins 1947 Miss America Crown
Sally Gray (1916 - 2006)
" LOOK  OUT  FOR  LOVE ! "  -  JUNIOR  MISS  ( Marvel )  # 36  September  1949  Cover: Louise  ALSTON
Little Mary
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Barbara Walker News

1947 Miss America Winner Barbara Walker News

ArtWorks building sales complete; culinary institute hopes to open in 2016
The lens
“It will be another nice thing in the rebirth of New Orleans,” said William Hines, the managing partner at the Jones Walker law firm who headed the nonprofit board — the Louisiana Artists Guild — that owned the building and chose the culinary arts ...

1947 Miss America Winner Barbara Walker News

A Family Affair
Much has been made of Barbara Bush's remark that America has “had enough Bushes” in the White House—and many simply assume she opposes a 2016 bid. I interpret her comments differently. The Bushes loathe the notion of a dynasty or entitlement to ...

1947 Miss America Winner Barbara Walker News

Teacher serves two roles, instructor and mom
Principal Barbara Kohlfeld said they feel like a family there, but one teacher and student actually are. Third grade teacher Amber Walker treats her students all the same, but one holds a special ... “She and I talked about it and you know from 8-3 I'm ...

1947 Miss America Winner Barbara Walker News

CALENDAR: Spring fun at Memorial Park in Claremont
Claremont Courier
Also featured are pianist Deborah Erftenbeck, playing Haim Alexander's “Six Israeli Dances;” and Jacqueline Stong, oboe, Jo Ann Haycraft, piano and Barbara Von Slomski, viola, performing “Schilflieder” (Songs of the Reeds) by German composer August ...

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