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1946 Miss America Winner Marilyn Buferd News

The Epic Take Down of Miss America That Has Led to a Very Unexpected Windfall
During a recent episode of “Last Week Tonight,” the funnyman delivered a scathing commentary on the annual Miss America beauty pageant (covering topics such as the objectifying nature of swimsuit competitions to the absurdity of answering complex ...

1946 Miss America Winner Marilyn Buferd News

The new Miss America's background doesn't square with her anti-domestic ...
The Patriot-News - PennLive.com
Thus, you would be justified in believing that anything negative I have to say about the reigning Miss America will likely come off as sour grapes, fermented and poured into a red plastic cup. But bear with me. Other than the fact that she is a native ...

1946 Miss America Winner Marilyn Buferd News

John Oliver vs Miss America
Boing Boing
It's 15 minutes that combines real investigative journalism, scathing satire, important social commentary, and, most importantly, compassion. John Oliver is providing a template reconciling "real" news with the clickbait dystopia -- producing clips ...

1946 Miss America Winner Marilyn Buferd News

Pageant contestants applaud Miss America's talent, despite criticism
The Auburn Plainsman
“A lot of people view the Miss America pageant as nothing but a superficial competition about beauty, but it's not,” Dyk said. “So many mock it, and this was the program's way of re-branding what they're about — to show the country what's most important.”

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