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1945 Miss America Winner Bess Myerson News

Remembering Bess Myerson

When word got out early this year that Bess Myerson, the first, and still only, Jewish Miss America, had died at the age of 90, she was an afterthought, a throwback, the answer to a trivia question, whose last years in the public eye had been marred by ...

1945 Miss America Winner Bess Myerson News

Bess Myerson, beauty queen

Bess Myerson was later accused of inducing a judge to reduce Capasso's maintenance payments by giving the judge's daughter a job. The “Bess Mess” was sensational tabloid fodder. When Bess was subsequently arrested for shoplifting after visiting ...

1945 Miss America Winner Bess Myerson News

At Bess Myerson's Former Home, Shades of a Bronx Utopia

New York Times
Ms. Myerson was once a resident of the Sholem Aleichem housing co-op in the Bronx. Credit Sam Myers/Associated Press. Everywhere Bess Myerson went growing up, people would stare. At 5 feet 10 inches tall she was already hard to miss, with a figure ...

1945 Miss America Winner Bess Myerson News

​Passage: Bess Myerson, Rod Taylor and Andrae Crouch

CBS News
We learned belatedly of the death of Bess Myerson this past December 14. A talented pianist, Myerson was crowned the first (and to this day the only) Jewish Miss America, in 1945. An early TV personality, she was twice a New York City Commissioner ...

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