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Curiosity Discovers Mars Rock Like None Before, Sets Drill Campaign

Universe Today
Curiosity conducts test drill at “Buckskin” rock target at bright toned “Lion” outcrop on the lower region of Mount Sharp on Mars, seen at right. Gale crater rim seen in the distant background at left, in this composite mosaic of navcam raw images ...

1934 Miss America Winner NONE News

Five New York Medical Marijuana Manufacturers Approved, But None Will Serve ...

New York just took a huge leap towards making medical marijuana accessible to patients across the state — just not in Brooklyn or Staten Island. Five organizations licensed by the State Department of Health to manufacture and dispense medical ...

1934 Miss America Winner NONE News

Comedian Aziz Ansari gets his own Netflix series, 'Master of None,' premiering

Dispatch Times
Called “Master of None“, the half-hour comedy stars the “Parks and Recreation” alum as Dev, a 30-year-old actor in New York City who “has trouble deciding what he wants to eat, much less the pathway for the rest of life”. (“Wet Hot American Summer“, ...

1934 Miss America Winner NONE News

Qualifications for serving on the Alabama ed board? None, apparently

LA School Report
For all the criticism they might endure, California education officials are rarely accused of being unqualified for their jobs. That's not quite the case in Alabama. The state's Republican governor, Robert Bentley, is under fire for filling a vacancy ...

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