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Honk: What does 'END: NONE' mean on driver's licenses?
Q. Hi, Mr. Honk: My wife recently renewed her California driver's license. She did it online, paid the fee and received her new license in the mail. We noticed on her license that it shows “END: NONE.” That is on other licenses, too. What does that mean?

1934 Miss America Winner NONE News

LETTERS: Diamond's service is second to none
I have known Bill Diamond for many years. In that time he has never boasted to me about his accomplishments nor took credit for his many good deeds. I have never heard him speak badly of anyone. I think that the voters in his Senate district should be ...

1934 Miss America Winner NONE News

McCaw's leadership is second to none
The Roar
You're in a battle. Having fought for a full 60 minutes now, your legs are giving out from carrying your weight through hell, your lungs are going over time and your arms are dead from dragging, throwing, lifting and pushing men all over the field. You ...

1934 Miss America Winner NONE News

Broxtowe pubs to be Best Bar None
Eastwood Advertiser
The 'Best Bar None' accreditation will be awarded to premises which have gone the extra mile to ensure customer safety and comfort. This includes handbag hooks under tables, CCTV camera, looking at ways to stop drug and alcohol misuse in premises, ...

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