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1990 Miss USA Winner Carole Gist News

Playing from the same old playbook, pro-abortionists accuse pro-lifers of ...

National Right to Life News
That's a reference to the Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act which to the dainty sensibilities of abortionists who matter-of-factly separate the arms of unborn babies from their torsos is to indulge “in public smear campaigns,” to ...

1990 Miss USA Winner Carole Gist News

Belle & Sebastian Aren?t So Shy Anymore

Daily Beast
I wish I was a young Carole King, working in the Brill Building. I'd love to be given that chance, when people were hungry for that music, or the record companies were willing and that was the flavor of the music. You can dip into any week in the ...

1990 Miss USA Winner Carole Gist News

Taking it slow: Art that's in for the long haul

BBC News
Watching Empire from start to finish, as the critic Blake Gopnik did last year, is a profoundly different experience from watching for five seconds, 'getting' the gist, and moving on. The film really does open up over time, but you have to view it as ...

1990 Miss USA Winner Carole Gist News

From the archives: Newsgod: A Bill Bonds diary

Detroit Free Press
Doris Biscoe promos a report on Miss USA, the Detroit- born, lawsuit-toting Carole Gist -- prime meat for Bill. Bill: "Thanks, Doris." Suddenly I understand. Bill knows I'm watching him. He's decided not to humor me by being outrageous. He's ...

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