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1990 Miss USA Winner Carole Gist News

Will Bethenny Tell Luann About Tom? 'The Real Housewives Of New York City' Is Still Filled With Fiancé Drama

Here's the gist — a good friend of Bethenny's (whom Bethenny trusts because she doesn't have a dog in this fight) texted Bethenny to tell her that a night or two before Luann and Tom's engagement party, this friend allegedly saw Tom making out with a ...

1990 Miss USA Winner Carole Gist News

From Grieco With Love: Remembering 'If Looks Could Kill'

The basic gist of the plot is that a trusted European dignitary, Augustus Steranko (Roger Rees), is using his influence to gather up the gold reserves for all of Europe. He claims to be doing this for the greater good, but what he really wants to do is ...

1990 Miss USA Winner Carole Gist News

What If The Bad Guys Win?

Huffington Post
So began this morning's unusual political debate. It wasn't unusual for me to be involved in a political debate but my opponent was intransigent and I wasn't sure I could change his mind. He's three. He's my grandson. He sees the world in two camps ...

1990 Miss USA Winner Carole Gist News

Real Housewives Of New York Recap: Ancestral Stains

Reality Tea
No, that's not exactly what Luann said, but you get the gist! ... She expects her friends to be forthcoming and compassionate, but Carole and Bethenny don't want any part of Jule's life, because Bethenny is so not a bleeding heart, she's a bleeding vagina.

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