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1982 Miss USA Winner Terri Utley News

KINGSTON BOWLING: Matt Deuire fires 300 game

The Daily Freeman
... Matt DeAngelis 254—694, Rusty Smith 656, Bob Wells 248—655, Anthony Schmiderer 643, Rick Campbell 638, Rocky Warden 254—625, Kelly Collins 608, Dan Lowe 607, Don O'Connor 604; Jessica Wells 210—560, Terri Tati 549, Stefanie Schussler 200—540 ...

1982 Miss USA Winner Terri Utley News

Pennsylvania Scoreboard

Team scores: 1. Malvern Prep, 48; 2. Germantown Friends, 54; 3. Haverford School, 158; 4, Germantown Academy, 161; 5. Mercersburg Academy, 164; 6. Penn Charter, 173; 7. Hill School, 180; 8. Episcopal Academy, 213; 9. Westtown 267; 10. Abington ...

1982 Miss USA Winner Terri Utley News

TOM UTLEY: Judging by the hours Mrs U spends yacking on the phone, the ...

Daily Mail
Hack our landline at home, on the other hand, and you'll be in for a feast of information about the domestic lives of the Utley family, our ups and downs, excitements and reversals — with up-to-the-minute, in-depth analysis of the latest developments ...

1982 Miss USA Winner Terri Utley News

Father of disabled girl backs Lord Freud in minimum pay row

Daily Mail
The father whose question led to Lord Freud's remarks suggesting some disabled workers were 'not worth' the minimum wage told yesterday of his frustration at the deepening political fallout. David Scott said his exchange with the Welfare Minister at ...

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