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1982 Miss USA Winner Terri Utley News

Fairies, pookas, mermaids, vampires, werewolves, and other creatures of the night

Definite and Utley and that thing about cemetery I and we found him and you know and the child with and I remember I drinking got healthy respect for them. In those regards of course .... Like no Van Halen did Terri get out of a contract. That you guys ...

1982 Miss USA Winner Terri Utley News

TOM UTLEY: The great British virtue of stoicism? No one's told our soppy students or blubbing politicians

Daily Mail
Whatever happened to British stoicism? I hate to sound like every crusty sixty-something since Noah's flood, but there are moments when I despair of today's teenagers — and sometimes of their parents, too. Such a moment came this week, when I read ...

1982 Miss USA Winner Terri Utley News

TOM UTLEY: My son's imaginary affair with Myleene Klass and why I know Wikipedia publishes any old nonsense

Daily Mail
'Tom Utley,' it said, 'is a British journalist who currently writes a witty weekly column for the Daily Mail.' (I confess I liked the adjective 'witty', though I realise readers may question its truth in this context). It went on: 'He is the son of the ...

1982 Miss USA Winner Terri Utley News

TOM UTLEY: It's enough to drive me to drink (even more!) The nightmare of no more liquid lunches

Daily Mail
At Alexander Chancellor's funeral last week, in an ice-cold village church in Northamptonshire, the eulogist reminded us of a colleague's satirical summary of our dear departed friend's typical working day when he was editor of the upmarket Spectator ...

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