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1982 Miss USA Winner Terri Utley News

JUST SOLD: Property Transfers, Sept. 12

Spring Hill Home Page
1007 Deep Woods Trail, Brentwood, Hidden Valley Estates; Buyer: Terry J and Guy B Sereff; Seller: Patricia A and Wesley A Bartlett; $870,000. 1732 Ravello Way, Brentwood, Tuscany Hills; Buyer: Jennifer Marie and Andrew Sinclair Scarlett; Seller ...

1982 Miss USA Winner Terri Utley News

I reject all this feminist tosh about girls being the less confident sex writes TOM UTLEY

Daily Mail
Of all the hysterical scares about the Brexit vote, the nuttiest I've heard is this week's theory that it may have caused a collapse of self-confidence among young British women. Such was the suggestion put forward — apparently with a straight face ...

1982 Miss USA Winner Terri Utley News

Sports Direct's boss Mike Ashley will get chapter in Great PR Cock-ups of Our Time book

Daily Mail
This was the week billionaire Mike Ashley of Sports Direct added yet another chapter to my unwritten best-seller, Great PR Cock-ups Of Our Time. Provisionally, this never-to-be-started masterpiece will be subtitled: 'What Could Possibly Go Wrong?' The ...

1982 Miss USA Winner Terri Utley News

TOM UTLEY: Have my mother's snobbish tips for being a gent condemned me to an early grave?

Daily Mail
Has my class-conscious upbringing condemned me to an early grave? I ask because my late parents brought me up to believe that it's frightfully common, my dear, to dine before 8pm. Yet I read in yesterday's paper that eating after 7pm is putting ...

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