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1978 Miss USA Winner Judi Anderson News

Off The Record (Aug. 9, 2017)

Anderson Valley
AS IT HAPPENS, a book writer just asked asked me for a paragraph on the Sweeney-Judi Bari interlude: Here goes: Judi Bari was a regionally prominent Earth First!er who was nearly killed by a 1990 car bomb. Bari herself, and her partisans, blamed a ...

1978 Miss USA Winner Judi Anderson News

THIRTY YEARS OF THE PROGRESS…Ute V. Perkins Elementary Opens

Standing l to r: Becky Tom, Becky Watson, Dennis Fischer, Lisa Henry, Linda Reese, Sharilee Anderson, Vivie Adams, Judi Anderson, Maureen Frank, Larisa Beasley. Seated l to r: Sharon Walker, Debra Watson, Melissa Preciado (Secretary and Jim Perkins ...

1978 Miss USA Winner Judi Anderson News

Cancer Alliance announces board members

Palm Beach Daily News
Two vice chairpeople were installed: Judi Richards, a professional nonprofit fundraiser, and Realtor Don Urschalitz. Nancy Mobberley, a community activist and financial planner, is immediate past chairwoman. ... Rescue League cited — The Peggy Adams ...

1978 Miss USA Winner Judi Anderson News

The Fort Bragg Mill Site

Anderson Valley
The Fort Bragg Safeway is the most profitable store in the Safeway-Albertson chain, dragging down $43 million in annual gross sales. Since Judi Bari shamed them in to closing the mill. the city has been on its own. Like any other unemployed wayfarer ...

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