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1977 Miss USA Winner Kimberly Tomes News

Amazon reviewers unload on open carry children's book
Jeffs and Nephew are also co-founders of Michigan Open Carry, Inc. and said they wrote the book because they didn't see any pro-gun children's tomes. “My Parents Open Carry was written in the hope of providing a basic overview of the right to keep and ...

1977 Miss USA Winner Kimberly Tomes News

Golden Gloves 2000s
New York Daily News
114 Women: Vanessa Greco, Team Freefrom, Defeated (5-0) Kimberly Tomes, WAT BC. 178 Open: William Rosinsky, Starett City BC, Defeated (4-1) Mark Anene, Gleason's Gym. 106 Novice: Julion Ramphal, Webster PAL, Defeated (RSC-1) Vincent Guzman, ...

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