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1977 Miss USA Winner Kimberly Tomes News

MISSOULIAN EDITORIAL: MT must do more to protect children

The Missoulian
Kimberly Dudik, who noted that it received strong support at a hearing last Friday and is being brought to the Senate floor by Helena's Sen. Mary Caferro this week. Montana's legislators should not only pass HB305 without hesitation, they must also ...

1977 Miss USA Winner Kimberly Tomes News

Hachette : un pont d'or de 7 millions $ à une série érotique autopubliée

Le groupe américain Hachette Book vient d'acquérir une série de livres autopubliés, de type plutôt érotique. L'auteure, qui a manifestement dépassé le million d'exemplaires vendus, a reçu un contrat de 7 millions $ pour l'achat de ses différents ouvrages.

1977 Miss USA Winner Kimberly Tomes News

Why Minority Valedictorians Fail Calculus, Findings Of The Berkeley Program

Science 2.0
This was an issue pursued by Philip Uri Treisman back in the 1970s and '80s at Berkeley. The result of his inquiries led to the highly successful Berkeley program for minorities, and ultimately for all students from all demographics well beyond Berkeley.

1977 Miss USA Winner Kimberly Tomes News

Obama and His Jayvee Team of Tweeting Twits

American Thinker
Obama and his corral of toadies, not so much. So why does anyone listen when they open their mouths? Tomes will be written in the years after Obama leaves office detailing his faux promises, lies, and gaffes. They are too voluminous to list here but ...

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