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1964 Miss USA Winner Bobbi Johnson News

Meet a few of America's most notorious female murderers

Erin's three accomplices were her boyfriend Charlie Wilkinson, 18, his best friend Charles Waid, 20, and Waid's girlfriend Bobbi Johnson, 18. The two men did the actual killing: Erin's mother Penny was shot, stabbed and almost decapitated. Matthew, 13 ...

1964 Miss USA Winner Bobbi Johnson News

Carbon Black's Ben Johnson on e-mail data breach

Ben Johnson, chief security strategist at Carbon Black talks with Bobbi Rebell about the huge data breach that may have impacted millions of e-mail accounts, including Yahoo, Microsoft and Google. △ Hide Transcript. ▷ View Transcript. A huge data ...

1964 Miss USA Winner Bobbi Johnson News

Casper area schools announce honor rolls

Casper Star-Tribune Online
... Connor Picard, Emma Plett, Bobbi Plummer, Bethany Raver, Sheryl Redding, Emily Robertson, LuAnna Rochelle, Kenneth Roy, Katelyn Sanchez, Haley Scoffield, Caitlyn Skavdahl, Desa Smith, Meagan Soehn, Katlyn Stahl, William Stewart, Abigail Switzer ...

1964 Miss USA Winner Bobbi Johnson News

Woman who planned the murder of most of her family reveals why she did it

The Independent
One night, while Erin waited outside in a car with another friend, 18-year-old Bobbi Johnson, Wilkinson and Waid entered the Caffey family house in Emory, Texas. They repeatedly shot members of the family and used a samurai sword to stab Erin's mother, ...

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