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1959 Masters Winner Art Wall Jr News

Hit the road for culture and fun in Cape Girardeau

“Mississippi River Tales” by Chicago artist Thomas Melvin tells Cape's history through colorful panels that look almost three-dimensional, and the “Missouri Wall of Fame” by Melvin and Margaret Dement honors famous Missourians such as Stan Musial ...

1959 Masters Winner Art Wall Jr News

Cultivating An Ai Weiwei Collection

Artinfo UK
Gerald Tsai Jr., the son of a successful Shanghai family who immigrated to the United States just before the Communists took power, played a central role in cultivating his son's acumen in both finance and art from a young age. “He was a very good ...

1959 Masters Winner Art Wall Jr News

William Daniels on 1776, Knight Rider, The Graduate, and Boy Meets World

A.V. Club
The Bob Newhart Show (1975)—“Edgar T. Vickers Jr.” WD: That was kind of fun, because I had a couple of lines that Bob .... But I can't say as I remember too much about it except that once they flew me into the wall of the studio, and I banged my head ...

1959 Masters Winner Art Wall Jr News

Historic group nixes demo of 330 Warren

The Register Star
The four parcels, 330, 332, 334 and 336 Warren, were purchased by Robert Greenberg from artist David Deutsch. Herbert approached the commission with the plan to demolish 330 Warren and in place of its facade, extend the brick wall that already ...

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