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1957 Masters Winner Doug Ford News

Doug Ford: Most famous fire in Oregon was the Tillamook Burn

With all of the fires we have had in California over the past few years, I've been fortunate to not be near enough to any of them to see them burning but I've seen plenty of their smoke that has blown our way. I had the novel experience of being nearby ...

1957 Masters Winner Doug Ford News

DOUG FORD: Comfort food

Everybody has a version of their own comfort food, an old standby when all else fails, and the simpler the better. Early on, during my days at baby sitter Edith Burton's, the prime meal ticket was a plain banana and mayonnaise sandwich — yep, just ...

1957 Masters Winner Doug Ford News

Doug Ford faces tough fight against John Tory for Toronto mayor: Poll

Two mayoral candidates at present have a snowball's proverbial chance to win the race — incumbent John Tory and Doug Ford, brother of late ex-mayor Rob Ford and a former councillor who ran against Tory and lost in 2014. But according to a new ...

1957 Masters Winner Doug Ford News

DOUG FORD: Music that unites

The late Tom Petty, who died earlier this month, was a musician whose work was familiar to generations of rock and roll fans, and that ability to be musically relevant for decades in one of the most cut-throat businesses I can think of elevates him to ...

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