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Kentucky Derby

Cali (nia Chrome)

Steve Coburn & Perry Martin

2013 Kentucky Derby Winner

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2014 Kentucky Derby Winner Cali News

Super Cali's futuristic Tesla batt swap focus – even though car tech test is ...

The Register
Tesla Motors has a Christmas present for a few owners of its Model S all-electric cars, in the form of a pilot program for its new battery-swapping technology beginning in California next week. Tesla founder Elon Musk showed off the tech at an event ...

2014 Kentucky Derby Winner Cali News

Man Takes On 2 Police Officers Before Being Tased & Beaten [VIDEO]

Hip-Hop Wired
According to one set of eyewitnesses, Thomas Christopher Brown, 29 of Los Angeles County's Hawthorne, was a being a bit too aggressive asking for scraps and the police were summoned. Upon their arrival, two officers were greeted with a combative ...

2014 Kentucky Derby Winner Cali News

Caterham Duo Cali details and first-ride impressions

Central depressions and channels like these aren't commonly seen in carbon frames because they're difficult to manufacture. Whereas most frame molds are a two-piece clamshell, Caterham's mold requires five separate pieces. James Huang / Immediate ...

2014 Kentucky Derby Winner Cali News

'Cali' girl needs good home!

The Almanac Online
'Cali' girl needs good home! Parker is a curious and sweet bunny who loves running and exploring just as much as she loves getting pets and head scratches. By Scott Delucchi, Peninsula Humane Society. Parker is a medium-sized, spayed Californian ...

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