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Cali (nia Chrome)

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2014 Kentucky Derby Winner Cali News

DOPE Drops "Cali Grown" 4/20 Capsule Collection [PHOTOS]

Hip-Hop Wired
Ask any Hip-Hop artist who has had an a public love affair with Mary Jane and they'll tell you the best buds come from California. Some of the best threads also come from the Golden State on 454 N Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles where DOPE calls its ...

2014 Kentucky Derby Winner Cali News

New Cali Initiative Bans Transgendered Bathroom Switching

Daily Caller
A newly-created ballot initiative in California would require all people in government buildings to only use bathrooms assigned to their biological sex, and allow lawsuits against those who refuse to comply. The new “Personal Privacy Protection Act” is ...

2014 Kentucky Derby Winner Cali News

ISIS supporters arrested in Minnesota, shedding light on recruiting, US says

(CNN) A group of six young Minnesota men conspired to sneak into Syria and join ISIS "by any means necessary," federal prosecutors said Monday. The group of friends, ages 19 to 21, were arrested Sunday. "What's remarkable about this case was that ...

2014 Kentucky Derby Winner Cali News

Drought-hit Cali looks to jumpstart projects

Global Water Intelligence (subscription)
California governor Jerry Brown has made moves to try to free up the state's notoriously difficult permitting process in a bid to speed up the procurement of new desalination and wastewater treatment projects in the light of the extreme drought ...

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