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Orb (Joel Rosario)


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2013 Kentucky Derby Winner Orb News

The Orb

Clash Magazine
The sound is typically dense but never overwrought with a wide sweep of styles and textures, The Orb being past masters at moulding a huge pool of raw material into a cohesive, listenable whole. So, forget the 'concept' and the track titles ('God's ...

2013 Kentucky Derby Winner Orb News

The Orb

Rolling Stone Australia
The Orb's discography contains moments of sheer ambient brilliance and more than a couple of failed experiments. But the group – helmed for almost 30 years by British producer Alex Paterson – have reached something close to equilibrium here. Working ...

2013 Kentucky Derby Winner Orb News

Ambient moodmakers The Orb know when to kick out tech to make room for music

Digital Trends
The Orb shook ambient house off its foundations with 1991's mind's-eye-expanding The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Underworld and 1992's trip-hop chillfest U.F.Orb. The latter included an edited-down version of their 40-minute sample-tastic excursion ...

2013 Kentucky Derby Winner Orb News

The Orb: Moonbuilding 2703 AD review – ambient heroes still making magic

The Guardian
The Orb could probably have made Moonbuilding 2703 AD, their 13th album, at any time in their 27-year career. But it has a back-to-first-principles feel to it – not surprising, since Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann are working without collaborators ...

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