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2013 Kentucky Derby Winner Orb News

Syrris creates Orb Pilot for effortless reaction scale-up

ManufacturingTomorrow (press release)
Syrris, a world leader in chemistry product innovation, is launching the Orb Pilot jacketed reactor this fall. This unique system, which offers flexible and cost-effective pilot scale batch chemistry, will be unveiled at P-MEC Barcelona from the 4-6 ...

2013 Kentucky Derby Winner Orb News

Pennsylvania student videotapes sphere UFO size of basketball ...

Open Minds UFO News
A Pennsylvania witness at Slippery Rock reported watching and videotaping a sphere-shaped UFO the size of a basketball, according to testimony in Case ...

2013 Kentucky Derby Winner Orb News

Mystery White Orb UFO Leads Black Helicopters In High-Speed ...

The Inquisitr
A witness in Fountain, in El Paso County, Colorado, reported watching a sphere or bright orb UFO leading three black helicopters in a high-speed chase over.

2013 Kentucky Derby Winner Orb News

Lots of 'orb weaver' and 'wolf' spiders making themselves at home in Winnipeg

WINNIPEG — If you've noticed one of these large spiders in your yard, or perhaps several of them, you're not alone. The rather large arachnids are likely a garden orb weaver or a wolf spider and entomologist Taz Stuart says this is the time of year ...

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