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2013 Kentucky Derby Winner Orb News

MY HEROES / 'Ultraman Orb' prequel flies high in streaming world

The Japan News
Set in outer space, the new drama features two characters who are enemies in “Ultraman Orb.” In the prequel, they join the same force and collaborate. The characters are Gai Kurenai (played by Hideo Ishiguro), who transforms into Ultraman Orb, and ...

2013 Kentucky Derby Winner Orb News

UFO Sightings: Bright Orb UFO Seen In Illinois

iTech Post
A strange UFO sighting was reported from over Lake County, Illinois. According to an eyewitness account, a UFO which appeared like a bright light was seen hovering on the night sky. It broke apart into five distinct orb before reassembling into a big ship.

2013 Kentucky Derby Winner Orb News

Eerie 'orb' believed by ghost hunters to be spirit of Eva Gray

Daily Mail
Ghost hunters believe that an 'orb' caught on camera at Biddeford City Theatre in Maine USA is the spirit of Eva Gray. The singer died aged 33 when she collapsed back stage at the venue after singing 'Goodbye Little... Skydiver catches GoPro 3,000 ft ...

2013 Kentucky Derby Winner Orb News

Mysterious but dazzling orb appears in the sky.

The bright, even warm orb, moved ever so slowly across the sky, lighting up everything beneath it. It proved difficult to photograph due to its blinding intensity. According to some predictions, there could be additional sightings of the fiery disk on ...

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