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man flooded with proposals after gracious deed

Yahoo7 News
And if you are single, I'd like to buy you are beer (better than the lion red you brought maybe?) [sic]," the author of the original post wrote on Facebook. "What an awesome gesture.....such a kind soul......I'll have him if he's single," another woman ...

2012 Kentucky Derby Winner I

Magic Johnson: I'll Never Run for President ... Let's Wait & See on Trump (Video)

The NBA legend was leaving Craig's in West Hollywood when we talked about the future of the Presidency -- including if he thinks we'll have another African-American POTUS. We also asked Johnson -- a huge Hillary Clinton supporter -- if he thinks Trump ...

2012 Kentucky Derby Winner I

Scott keeping bid for U.S. Senate on hold

I've got a budget coming out and I'll have another session next year. I'm in no rush. I like this job a lot. You can feel like you can get something done." Scott has his own personal history as evidence that he can wait longer than the typical ...

2012 Kentucky Derby Winner I

Full text: Trump, Pence remarks at CIA Headquarters

It's a great privilege for me to be with you today and to have the opportunity to introduce at his first event, on his first full day, the new President of the United States, Donald Trump. ... We've been touring for quite a while, and I'll tell you ...

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