Who Won the 1985
Kentucky Derby

Spend A Buck (Jockey: Angel Cordero Jr)

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1985 Kentucky Derby Winner Spend A Buck News

In Albany, no one is stepping on the tax-and-spend brakes

New York Post
It's the same playbook they use every year: raise taxes on the so-called wealthy and redistribute the revenue; pass the buck to municipalities; hike school spending; and protect public-sector unions. Cuomo's Bernie Sanders-inspired free-college plan ...

1985 Kentucky Derby Winner Spend A Buck News

Philanthropies Need A Better Way To Measure If Their Fundraising Is Successful

Fast Company
But those trying to broaden their donor base have to spend more of each buck to do so. “If you had a low cost of fundraising and a low dependency quotient that would be phenomenal, but it would make me wonder how you possibly achieve that,” adds ...

1985 Kentucky Derby Winner Spend A Buck News

GROTZ: Draft duties won't weary Wentz this time

Bucks Local News
I'll never forget that night, hearing my name called, knowing I was an Eagle, getting to spend it with my friends and family. That time, it still gives ... During his only real break of the season, he went bow hunting in North Dakota and landed a buck ...

1985 Kentucky Derby Winner Spend A Buck News

4 Ways to Streamline Your Campaign Organization

Campaigns & Elections
The campaign that uses those resources most effectively usually has the upper hand. At some point after every campaign cycle, there's always a debate of where campaign funds could be better spent. Sure, there's almost always a better way to spend a buck.

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