Who Won the 1976
Kentucky Derby

Bold Forbes (Jockey: Angel Cordero Jr)

2:01 3/5

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1976 Kentucky Derby Winner Bold Forbes News

With 'Metal Gear Solid,' Jordan Vogt-Roberts is Trying To Film The Unfilmable

Filming a faithful adaption of Metal Gear Solid is going to require a lot of bold creative decisions. I think he's tackling the Everest of video games adaptions with this one; something like Uncharted is just so much easier, being almost identical to ...

1976 Kentucky Derby Winner Bold Forbes News

To Create A Legendary Culture, Harness The 100-Employee Rule

Not only did a more mature Lever have a better idea of what it wanted to champion; the chance to help shape the culture made it easier to recruit bold, innovate people during several stages of growth. Another panelist, Shopify's director of culture and ...

1976 Kentucky Derby Winner Bold Forbes News

As Walmart Eyes Birchbox, Experts Question The Choice

"Marc Lore is making bold moves for Walmart," wrote Jon Polin, cofounder and president of StorePower. "He seems to be interested in buying vertical e-commerce sites that engage an atypical Walmart customer in categories with high engagement/frequency ...

1976 Kentucky Derby Winner Bold Forbes News

'Game Of Thrones' Did Something Incredibly Important This Week And Nobody Noticed

Now read the bold bits above. The hero went out into the "dead land" which, we can assume, is the land beyond the Wall where the army of the dead marches. He brought some things with him. One might assume the "sword" is his Valyrian steel blade, but it ...

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