Who Won the 1976
Kentucky Derby

Bold Forbes (Jockey: Angel Cordero Jr)

2:01 3/5

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1976 Kentucky Derby Winner Bold Forbes News

Biz mag giants size up power players for fall
New York Post
Forbes has a fascinating, if overplayed, profile of Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, the surgeon-cum-entrepreneur. It turns out that the ... assertion is a shamelessly bold and incoherent shill for Google's stance against the “right to be forgotten” in Europe ...

1976 Kentucky Derby Winner Bold Forbes News

Volkswagen's Bold And Risky New Plan To Take On Audi
Business Insider
Volkswagen is trying to mix things up overseas in an attempt to nail down some higher profit margins. The car company is launching a luxury car designed solely for China next year. It is set to be based on Audi's A6, which now holds the top spot in ...

1976 Kentucky Derby Winner Bold Forbes News

A Look At What Makes Alibaba's Jack Ma Tick, And How He Did It
What helped to save the company from going under was a bold move by Ma to bring in former GE manager Savio Kwan (see Silicon Dragon video with Kwan). Kwan established a management development program that weeded out nonperformers and ...

1976 Kentucky Derby Winner Bold Forbes News

Khodorkovsky Declares Sudden Political Comeback
The Moscow Times
He kept a relatively low profile in the months that have passed since his release, but came out in full swing over the weekend, making bold political statements in interviews with several European media outlets. The former oil baron celebrated the ...

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