Who Won the 1974
Kentucky Derby

Cannonade (Jockey: Angel Cordero Jr)


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1974 Kentucky Derby Winner Cannonade News

The Battle of Waterloo in the words of the men who fought there

The hornbeam trees of the garden alley, underneath which we stood, were razed by the immense cannonade and so were the beautiful tall trees along the outside of the farm. Walls were collapsing from both the heavy bombardment [and] the severe ...

1974 Kentucky Derby Winner Cannonade News

2015 Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake review

Practical Motoring
Top of the pile comes the CLA 45 AMG (pictured below) powered by the same cracker of an engine found in both the A45 AMG and CLA 45 AMG coupe. With 265kW and 450Nm plus all-wheel drive and a crackling, spitting cannonade every time you lift off the ...

1974 Kentucky Derby Winner Cannonade News

Son of jockey Tony Vega documenting his father's life on film

In 1974, at a local bar, he watched Angel Cordero, Jr. win the Kentucky Derby on Cannonade. Cordero was the first Puerto Rican jockey ever to win the Kentucky Derby. Vega said he could be as good as Cordero if given the chance. The bar owner overheard ...

1974 Kentucky Derby Winner Cannonade News

Blockbuster Examples Of How Answering Customers' Questions Makes Them ...

Marketing Land
If you sell a banana-shaped anything, you're going to get banana-shaped comments. (Pretty much anything banana-related has potential.) And so it happened with Groupon. Its fan base let loose with a cannonade of ribald jokes, not-so-subtle innuendos ...

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