Who Won the 1974
Kentucky Derby

Cannonade (Jockey: Angel Cordero Jr)


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1974 Kentucky Derby Winner Cannonade News

Big banks need to embrace digital era

Financial Times
Nor is there any end yet to the continuing cannonade. Next month, UK banks will have to put forward plans on how they intend to “ringfence” their retail banking activities from dicier securities activities as part of the Vickers proposals designed to ...

1974 Kentucky Derby Winner Cannonade News

Excerpt: The Havana Habit

Forthis reason, praise of the majestic beauty of El Morro is often accompaniedby an assessment of the fortress's defenses (the consensus:they would crumble before a cannonade from Americanbattleships); and descriptions of Cuba's rich soil mention ...

1974 Kentucky Derby Winner Cannonade News

Holly Christ! Guess who's coming to Christmas lunch ...

Sydney Morning Herald
There is a crackle like a slur typed on an Olivetti and the battleground sulphur of Christmas Family Lunch fills the air, the smell of verbal cannonade, of bon mot mortar striking home to the heart of the clan. They are putting on their paper crowns ...

1974 Kentucky Derby Winner Cannonade News

Civil War 150th: On this date in 1864

During Friday evening the Yankee batteries, from the Jerusalem plankroad to the Appomattox, opened upon our lines and kept up the cannonade till nightfall. ... Early yesterday morning the Yankees south of the Appomattox fired a shouted salute in honor ...

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