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Dust Commander (Jockey: Mike Manganello)

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1970 Kentucky Derby Winner Dust Commander News

IDF adopts 4G operational phone

Israel Hayom
The IDF plans to order thousands of the operational mobile phones, which will be distributed to personnel up to the rank of company commander, and probably platoon commander. The system will go "operational" starting in 2017, and the current assessment ...

1970 Kentucky Derby Winner Dust Commander News

Hillary: Ordinarily Awful or Uncommonly Awful?

But, after the dust cleared, it would turn out that the consequences of the murder and mayhem they unleashed were counterproductive at best. Even when they won, they lost. America “lost” in Vietnam too, but it was never defeated in the way that Germany ...

1970 Kentucky Derby Winner Dust Commander News

Bamiyan-isation of Lim Guan Eng

Malaysiakini (subscription)
In 2001 in Afghanistan, the Talibans under its commander Mullah Mohmmad Omar decided to destroy the world heritage Buddha statues at Bamiyan as being idolatrous. The Talibans used a combination of artillery shelling, rockets, anti-tank mines at the ...

1970 Kentucky Derby Winner Dust Commander News

AP sources: Gingrich, Christie being vetted for Trump VP

Scranton Times-Tribune
Pixie dust fuels Scranton's newest mobile merchant. Jessica ... His vice presidential pick could be crucial to easing the concerns of Republicans who worry about his lack of political experience, as well as his temperament to be commander in chief ...

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