Who Won the 1965
Kentucky Derby

Lucky Debonair (Jockey: Bill Shoemaker)

2:01 1/5

1964 Kentucky Derby Winner
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1965 Kentucky Derby Winner Lucky Debonair News

Carr's Cinema Critiques: "The Foreigner"

Florida Flambeau
Something that I thought was really interesting was the writing for Chan's character and Pierce Brosnan's character. Chan usually plays a happy go lucky martial artist, and his characters are usually funny. Brosnan more often than not plays a debonair ...

1965 Kentucky Derby Winner Lucky Debonair News

So what would they make of the antics of young women at Oxford today? The diary of two of the first middle-class ...

Daily Mail
For young ladies fortunate enough to be given the chance of a university education at the turn of the last century, it was a prickly dilemma indeed. What to do if one was invited out to a concert or an evening 'sociable' but had no chaperone? Stay in ...

1965 Kentucky Derby Winner Lucky Debonair News

JJ Watt: Houston's superhero is a regular guy

Houston Chronicle
"I need to get out more," he says, looking both debonair and aw-shucks in a suit perfect for a night on the town. There's a wistfulness .... "It just says a lot about who he is, and we're sure lucky to have him," Texans' coach Bill O'Brien says. That ...

1965 Kentucky Derby Winner Lucky Debonair News

The French confection

The debonair Northerner and the effervescent Spaniard were soon smitten and they married the following year - 1988. Maria began to realise that there was no point in continuing with her PhD, as she would find it hard to get work lecturing in Britain ...

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