Who Won the 1965
Kentucky Derby

Lucky Debonair (Jockey: Bill Shoemaker)

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1964 Kentucky Derby Winner
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1965 Kentucky Derby Winner Lucky Debonair News

Milo Yiannopoulos and the Gay Fascist Sophisticate

New York Magazine
He openly affiliates with the neo-monarchists and open racists of the alt-right, which he depicts as a happy-go-lucky band of internet tricksters out to poke fun at liberal pieties for the lulz. ... In these works of fiction, the gay fascist, who is ...

1965 Kentucky Derby Winner Lucky Debonair News

Top 10 books about gardens

The Guardian
Lucky you, Guardian readers, to have been born at the right time to feast your eyes on this highly anticipated followup to the illustrious Sylva of 1664! As in the original, this is an exhortation to Britons to cherish and maintain their woodlands ...

1965 Kentucky Derby Winner Lucky Debonair News

From Alabama to Colombia: Smoking in the Moonlight

Paste Magazine
Lucky Strike advertised smoke-rotted lungs (Fumar Daña Tus Pulmones: Smoking Damages Your Lungs). A huge inflamed red Sauron eye on the Belmonts stared ... My debonair uncle John smoked. He would later die of lung cancer. My granddaddy dipped snuff ...

1965 Kentucky Derby Winner Lucky Debonair News

Zachary Quinto on Spock, Trump's America and coming out

Irish Times
The first time I interviewed an immaculately dressed Zachary Quinto (even his silk pocket handkerchief was beautifully folded), I found myself reaching for old-timey words such as “debonair” and “dashing”. Today, the actor ... “I've been very lucky ...

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