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Decidedly (Jockey: Bill Hartack)

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1962 Kentucky Derby Winner Decidedly News

'Sophie and the Rising Sun' Is a Lovely if Not Wan Interracial Love Story

They are the only actors with recognizable name value in a little film called Sophie and the Rising Sun, but their presence is more than welcome. Without them, this warm, heartfelt but decidedly wan little film about an interracial couple striving to ...

1962 Kentucky Derby Winner Decidedly News

2017 NFL mock drafts: 2 mock drafts with DeShaun Watson in decidedly different spots

Niners Nation
The 2017 Senior Bowl took place this past weekend, marking the end of the all star game period of the pre-draft process. The next step is the 2017 NFL Combine at the end of February. In the meantime, there is plenty to assess and consider from the past ...

1962 Kentucky Derby Winner Decidedly News

ACLJ: Gorsuch 'Decidedly Pro-life,' Protects Constitutional Freedoms

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) on Tuesday night praised the nomination of U.S. Appeals Court Judge Neil Gorsuch as a step toward "restoring a judicial philosophy on the high court that embraces the Constitution and the rule of law.".


1962 Kentucky Derby Winner Decidedly News

The Decidedly Different Role of an Editor in Animated Films

Take a second to think back to the last time you drew something and how long it took to get it “right”. Unless you're a professional artist specializing in speedy performance, there's a good chance it took a while. Now think about that last time and ...

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