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1956 Kentucky Derby Winner Needles News

The power of pink: Wendell knitting group turns needles toward hats for women's marches

The Recorder
Peter Sargent of Gardener, Esther Moerth, Kathleen Leonard, Patti Scutari, Mary Thomas, Donna Horn and Linn McConarty, all of Wendell, knit pink “Pussy Hats” at Deja Brew in Wendell Wednesday, as part of an effort to make hats for attendees of Women's ...

1956 Kentucky Derby Winner Needles News

Painless 'Smart Patch' Delivers Insulin to Diabetics Without Needles

Good News Network
Treatment for certain diabetes cases involves constant monitoring of blood-glucose levels and daily insulin shots. But scientists are now developing a painless “smart” patch that monitors blood glucose and releases insulin when levels climb too high.

1956 Kentucky Derby Winner Needles News

Police: Toddlers Found Near Dirty Needles

LEX18 Lexington KY News
LEXINGTON, Ky (LEX 18) A Lexington woman pleaded not guilty to several charges Wednesday after police say they found her children alone and near dirty ...

1956 Kentucky Derby Winner Needles News

"Green" plastic made from green needles

New Atlas
When pine trees are harvested, the needles are simply discarded. Before too long, however, that may change. Scientists have recently developed a renewable ...

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