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Needles (Jockey: Dave Erb)

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1956 Kentucky Derby Winner Needles News

Volunteers cleaning Flemington park find trash, no needles (PHOTOS)

"When I read that there could possibly be needles here I decided to to come here and clean it up," Hester said. He was told by borough police to inform them if any syringes were found. "The thought of there being needles there is scary." He said he ...

1956 Kentucky Derby Winner Needles News

Woman says she shares drug needles with son

Hillsboro Times Gazette
When asked, Kinnison said she and that child share needles. “You are so addicted that you share needles with your child?” the judge asked. “Yes, sir. It's disgusting,” she said. “And you're just going to contribute to the death of your child by ...

1956 Kentucky Derby Winner Needles News

Bullets, needles don't belong in curbside garbage, warns collection company

A waste management company is warning people to keep dangerous items out of curbside trash after finding one bag containing bullets and another laced with hypodermic needles this week. Ed Grant, chair of Eastern Waste Management, said people need ...

1956 Kentucky Derby Winner Needles News

Jeb Bush needles Hillary Clinton 'bubble'

Boston Herald
Jeb Bush needles Hillary Clinton 'bubble'. Vows to 'push back' at Dems. 052115bushnl03.jpg. Photo by: Nancy Lane. GRANITE STATE SWING: Jeb Bush speaks at an event hosted by the Salem Chamber of Commerce in New Hampshire yesterday.

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