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Needles (Jockey: Dave Erb)

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1956 Kentucky Derby Winner Needles News

Needles being flushed and endangering CFPUA employees
The CFPUA is discovering an alarming amount of needles at their pump stations. While CFPUA staff is maintaining the wet wells, they are uncovering more than half a dozen needles a day that have been flushed or disposed of into the wells. According to ...

1956 Kentucky Derby Winner Needles News

In first debate, Malloy apologizes to teachers, needles Foley
The CT Mirror
Norwich – Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Tom Foley spent a fast-paced hour in their first debate Wednesday night straining to make the race for governor turn on questions of each other's records, Malloy's as governor and Foley's as a businessman.

1956 Kentucky Derby Winner Needles News

Missing the point: Clean needles can control the added health risks of drug users
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Different pharmacy chains have different policies about the sale of syringes. A CVS spokesperson said that the 2009 change in regulation was for the express purpose of ensuring clean needle access, and that the company would look into the matter if a ...

1956 Kentucky Derby Winner Needles News

California man rescued after making 'HELP' sign with cypress needles
Los Angeles Times
If it was not for Mike Vilhauer's quick thinking to fashion numerous sticks and bunches of cypress needles into an 8-feet tall 'HELP' sign, he may not have been rescued. The sign did eventually catch a helicopter pilot's attention. “There was a time I ...

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