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Needles (Jockey: Dave Erb)

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Needles News

1956 Kentucky Derby Winner Needles News

Used needles add to growing safety concerns at McCully library

She adds that needles aren't the only problem. There was another incident when a homeless woman was threatening a little girl who was at the library by herself. “She was basically saying things like, 'Oh, you know, I know you. I know where you live ...

1956 Kentucky Derby Winner Needles News

Photo of newborn baby surrounded by needles goes viral

The mom, who wants to be known only by her first name, Angela, told ABC News that "the needles were the easy part." She stressed that "the emotional struggle, the ups and downs" are what really took a toll. "I'm single and waited a long time for a ...

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1956 Kentucky Derby Winner Needles News

What's on (and off) my needles

Albany Times Union (blog)
I haven't worked with DPN's (double pointed needles) for a while, so the beginning of this was a bit fiddly and awkward. Once the ribbing was done (on size 4's), I switched to 8's and now it's just zooming along. My next few projects are for the men in ...

1956 Kentucky Derby Winner Needles News

Heroin in the Suburbs: Hypodermic Needles Found After Concert

CLARK, NJ - Immediately following the most recent rock carnival at Oak Ridge Park that drew fans from all over the area, including Warren, a resident posted a photo to Facebook of a hypodermic needle he found on his front lawn. Replies to his post were ...

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