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Needles (Jockey: Dave Erb)

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1956 Kentucky Derby Winner Needles News

Season Needle Drop

Fallon County Extra
Season needle drop typically consist of gradual yellowing and browning and eventually loss of older needles from the top to the bottom of trees. This starts in late August and can continue through October. Some species are affected more than others ...

1956 Kentucky Derby Winner Needles News

REVEALED: Thousands of needles found in Dundee as 'lives being put at risk'

Evening Telegraph
Thousands of potentially lethal syringes have been discarded across Dundee in the last three years, the Tele can reveal. Shocking new figures show that 5,705 needles were collected in the city between 2014/15 and September this year. In Lochee alone, a ...

1956 Kentucky Derby Winner Needles News

The Deeper Dig: From needles to Narcan

The spread of drugs like heroin and fentanyl throughout Vermont is an ongoing issue without an obvious solution. But the opiate overdose reversal drug naloxone, or Narcan, has been proven to save lives. Since 2013, the Vermont Department of Health has ...

1956 Kentucky Derby Winner Needles News

Needles, trespassing and public urination among issues neighbors in Charleston bring attention to

"We just started seeing things in this are that we hadn't seen before." More vagrant foot traffic, people sleeping on benches, and increased trespassing are among some of the issues they see now. People are also leaving needles lying around -- a result ...

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