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Kentucky Derby

Omaha (Jockey: Willie Saunders)


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1935 Kentucky Derby Winner Omaha News

Editorial: Superintendent performance tied to pay

Omaha World-Herald
Bonus pay is off the table for Mark Evans, superintendent of the Omaha Public Schools. An OPS board subcommittee has discarded the idea in the face of criticism, but it still wants to assess Evans' performance and tie his compensation to the results.

1935 Kentucky Derby Winner Omaha News

Pokéholic quits after downtown binge

Omaha World-Herald
As I sit here in my cubicle, all I can think about are PokéStops: little blue markers that usually don't load, drain my iPhone battery and make me stressed at best, and desperately refreshing in a pathetic attempt to satisfy an addiction at worst. Last ...

1935 Kentucky Derby Winner Omaha News

Editorial: Mural captures South Omaha's history

Omaha World-Herald
The “Magic City” mural at 24th and N Streets. Before South Omaha was annexed in 1915, it was known as the “Magic City” for its rapid growth. Immigrants from around the world flocked to South Omaha to take up jobs in the Stockyards. “Magic City” is one ...

1935 Kentucky Derby Winner Omaha News

Rescuers respond to several emergencies on Elkhorn River

Omaha World-Herald
Another woman suffered an ankle injury as she used a rope swing and was taken by Omaha firefighters to a hospital, he said. About 5:45 p.m., a man fell as he left the river. He was taken in serious condition to a hospital. A boat capsized about the ...

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