Who Won the 1927
Kentucky Derby

Whiskery (Jockey: Linus McAtee)


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1927 Kentucky Derby Winner Whiskery News

Shakespeare's Hot Mess: What We Can Learn From Falstaff

New York Times
Not that there is anything ethereal about Fat Jack. This whiskery swag-bellied omnivorous cornucopia of appetites, red-eyed, unbuttoned, sherry-soaked. This nightwalker and whoremonger, a “muddy conger,” swinging at his old mistress Doll Tearsheet, ...

1927 Kentucky Derby Winner Whiskery News

Review: Letters from Baghdad | Film | Bristol 24/7

“The real difficulty under which we labour here is that we don't know exactly what we intend to do in this country. We rushed into this business with our usual ...

1927 Kentucky Derby Winner Whiskery News

Brighton's story is as close to a fairytale as modern football allows... the Seagulls have risen from near-oblivion ...

Daily Mail
Fairytale. A word thrown around in footballing circles with careless bravado. Not so in Brighton. This is as close as the modern game allows. On Easter Monday, 34 years after they were relegated from the English top flight, the Seagulls returned to the ...

1927 Kentucky Derby Winner Whiskery News

Review: 'Tommy's Honour'

Silicon Valley's Metro
A golf film ought to be more than just whiskery gents in top hats glowering at a ball hit far into the rough. An end title crawl mentions the fact that golf is "now enjoyed by 60 million people"—the politically resentful might add, "who control the ...

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