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Whiskery (Jockey: Linus McAtee)


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1927 Kentucky Derby Winner Whiskery News

Champagne breakfast: a question of etiquette

Gourmet Traveller Magazine Australia
There's a tradition in this country, for instance, of pubs opening early for thirsty hard-working blokes. Think of the classic Carlton Ale ad featuring a whiskery bushman nursing a glass at the bar with the tag line: "I allus has wan at eleven". It's ...

1927 Kentucky Derby Winner Whiskery News

I like my kitties fried

The Capital Journal
Their whiskery faces inspire frustration and concern up and down South Dakota's portion of the Missouri River valley. Still, they taste pretty darn good when you skin 'em — yes, there's more than one way — , cover 'em in cornmeal, and toss 'em in hot ...

1927 Kentucky Derby Winner Whiskery News

He may be 8 years old, but I'll never forget the day we brought Connor home

I saw a whiskery, shivery seven-month-old puppy with tiny paws and big, stunned brown eyes. Day 1 at home: Connor was tiny and perpetually stunned. It took a day and a half for him to start settling. Those eyes remained stunned for a day and a half ...

1927 Kentucky Derby Winner Whiskery News


They travel to the open water, to shoot the whiskery animals as they migrate north. Sealers can spend days hunting, often forgoing sleep. Out there a simple wind change can prove disastrous, breaking up a trail and stranding a hunting party at sea ...

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