Who Won the 1918
Kentucky Derby

Exterminator (Jockey: William Knapp)

2:10 4/5

1917 Kentucky Derby Winner
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1918 Kentucky Derby Winner Exterminator News

Got rats? Call Jack, Vancouver's only working canine exterminator

Targets rats. "I love my canine partner. And I love the fact that he loves his work," said Adler, who believes Jack is the only working dog exterminator in B.C.'s Lower Mainland. Jack has been on the job for five years, targeting suspected rats with ...

1918 Kentucky Derby Winner Exterminator News

Creepy crawlers in the Borderland

KFOX El Paso
They said one of the creatures even bit one of their daughters; a doctor prescribed antibiotics and the bump went away. A local exterminator, Blanca Beard, says these problems are commonplace in the Borderland, especially when rain drives insects into ...

1918 Kentucky Derby Winner Exterminator News

Squeak thief! Rodent stole woman's mail for two months, exterminator says

Brooklyn Daily
A Brooklyn exterminator solved the mystery of a Bedford-Stuyvesant woman's missing mail on July 13 when he discovered a rat's nest containing two months' worth of lost letters beneath his client's brownstone's stairs. “She thought it was the post ...

1918 Kentucky Derby Winner Exterminator News

Bees coming out of woman's outlets, wants alternative to exterminator

An East Texas woman has bees invading her home, and this is happening at several other East Texas homes, too. MOREAdditional LinksPoll. Annette Wiley has had a bee problem in the wall next to her chimney for the past year. She says thousands of bees ...

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