Who Won the 1918
Kentucky Derby

Exterminator (Jockey: William Knapp)

2:10 4/5

1917 Kentucky Derby Winner
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Exterminator News

1918 Kentucky Derby Winner Exterminator News

'It's a mouse-eat-mouse world out there'

Belleville News-Democrat
It was determined I had three days to catch and relocate Volvey before Mark the Exterminator had his turn. Because I had never seen Volvey, Mark figured he was an “indoor-outdoor mouse,” who entered and exited the trunk by scurrying up and down the ...

1918 Kentucky Derby Winner Exterminator News

When should I replace my air conditioner?

Arizona Daily Star
We've sprayed ourselves; we had a professional exterminator spray the house as well. But we just got back from vacation and we still have tons of scorpions, maybe 10 or 11 a day – some inside and some outside. So, should we have the house sealed?

1918 Kentucky Derby Winner Exterminator News

Bed Bugs—Salina's Hot Potato

A “hot potato” can be defined as a “sensitive situation or controversy that is difficult to handle and thus gets passes from one person to another (like a hot potato ...

1918 Kentucky Derby Winner Exterminator News

Schenectady County building's bedbugs called a nuisance

Albany Times Union
He said Rotterdam-based Galesi Group, which owns the multi-story building that the county rents, is using the same exterminator that treated a similar problem in a Rensselaer County government building. Deputy Rensselaer County Executive Chris Meyer ...

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