Who Won the 1917
Kentucky Derby

Omar Khayyam (Jockey: Charles Borel)

2:04 3/5

1916 Kentucky Derby Winner
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1917 Kentucky Derby Winner Omar Khayyam News


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Personalitate polivalentă a Persiei medievale, Omar Khayyam s-a remarcat atât prin importante descoperiri ştiinţifice, mai ales în matematică şi astronomie cât şi printr-o gândire filosofic-religioasă atipică, greu de încadrat în vreunul din curentele ...

1917 Kentucky Derby Winner Omar Khayyam News

The World's Last Great Undiscovered Cuisine

Steam again long and slow under a towel-swaddled lid until each grain is as eloquent as an Omar Khayyam quatrain. Most crucially, line the pot with lavash or a layer of rice mixed with butter and yogurt to create that addictively crunchy bottom crust ...

1917 Kentucky Derby Winner Omar Khayyam News

The mysterious life of America's most popular poet, a 13th-century Persian

Rumi, like Omar Khayyam, has become the warm and fuzzy ecumenical poet of choice for weddings, coming-of-age ceremonies and funerals. A benign mist dews our lens on a golden-age Islam. Edward Said would rap our bourgeois knuckles for the way we ...

1917 Kentucky Derby Winner Omar Khayyam News

Brexit UK: when the present is another country

Times Higher Education (THE)
“But you will not get half so much out of it as you will from reading Omar Khayyám.” The pronouncement impressed my childish mind and, ever since, I have relied on sensibilities deeper than my own to conjure for me times and places I cannot or will not ...

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