Who Won the 1917
Kentucky Derby

Omar Khayyam (Jockey: Charles Borel)

2:04 3/5

1916 Kentucky Derby Winner
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Omar Khayyam News

1917 Kentucky Derby Winner Omar Khayyam News

Who killed Marawi?

The rebels, or at least the ideologues among them like brothers Omar Khayyam and Abdullah Maute, are preaching a return to Wahabbi-Salafist Islam circa the Muhamad (PBUH) era to establish a caliphate. But their campaign is perverted by the beastly ...

1917 Kentucky Derby Winner Omar Khayyam News

I've quit drinking, and I'm happy to talk about it—but Britain still doesn't want to

Hi, my name's Nick and I'm not an alcoholic. At least not anymore. For most of my life, I have been what the British euphemistically call a “heavy drinker.” On 1st January, I stopped and that seems to be that. I fell off the wagon late one night. But ...

1917 Kentucky Derby Winner Omar Khayyam News

The Happiness Advantage

But embrace and love the person you are today. Because that is the person who will make your dreams come true. The Morning Email. Wake up to the day's most important news. As Persian philosopher Omar Khayyam once said, “Be happy for this moment.

1917 Kentucky Derby Winner Omar Khayyam News

Step inside a Los Angeles bookstore that takes on Iran's censors ...

Bijan Khalili owns Ketab Corporation in Los Angeles, which sells and publishes uncensored Persian books that cannot be sold in Iran. “Reading books is a ...

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