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1915 Kentucky Derby Winner Regret News

StubHub Knows What You Will Regret Most During The Apocalypse

StubHub's latest “Machines” commercial taps into one idea of what the apocalyptic end of humanity may look like when technology decides to turn against us. With the automation of everything from cars to toasters, StubHub's comedic take is that it's ...

1915 Kentucky Derby Winner Regret News

Trump aides regret tossing Christie's transition plan, report says | NJ ...

TRENTON -- Several aides to President Donald Trump regret the decision to actually throw away Gov. Chris Christie's transition plans, according to a report by ...

1915 Kentucky Derby Winner Regret News

'I'll never regret buying Toto!': your best Record Store Day stories

The Guardian
Despite arriving at the dangerously late time of 7.30, I was fortunate enough to procure everything on my wishlist. Luckily, there were dozens of Smiths and U2 singles. The new War on Drugs record sounds amazing … Toto was an impulse buy I'll never ...

1915 Kentucky Derby Winner Regret News

Poll: Only 2 percent of Trump supporters regret voting for him

As President Trump nears his 100th day in office, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll has found that most disapprove of his performance yet few of his voters regret casting their ballot for him. The survey, conducted with around 1,000 adults in the U.S ...

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