Who Won the 1905
Kentucky Derby

Agile (Jockey: Jack Martin)

2:10 3/4

1904 Kentucky Derby Winner
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1905 Kentucky Derby Winner Agile News

The Agile Approach: What Marketers Can Learn

Business 2 Community
If you've worked on some outpost of the digital landscape for any length of time, you likely know the term Agile. Maybe you've heard of “The Agile Manifesto” or terms like “Kanban” or “Scrum Master.” Putting terminology aside for the moment, in case ...

1905 Kentucky Derby Winner Agile News

The Myth of Mutual Exclusivity: Making the DevOps Process More Agile Without Compromising Security

Security Intelligence (blog)
The marketplace is demanding agility, but many enterprises perceive the need for agility as an ongoing security risk. If applications are constantly evolving, they assume, the process will constantly open up new avenues for attackers to exploit. This ...

1905 Kentucky Derby Winner Agile News

Minnesota Builds Partnerships and IT Project Success with Agile

StateTech Magazine
Agile development delivers indispensable value for our organization — and most any organization — because it builds partnerships, by design. The methodology fuses business prowess with technical creativity, providing incremental delivery of IT ...

1905 Kentucky Derby Winner Agile News

Engagement increases as agile continues its rise in government

StateScoop (registration)
Using agile development to build systems and programs across state government has yet to be a fully mandated practice, but states are increasingly tapping into the methodology to deliver better results, say private and public sector tech leaders in the ...

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