Who Won the 1897
Kentucky Derby

Typhoon II (Jockey: Buttons Garner)

2:12 1/2

1896 Kentucky Derby Winner
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Typhoon II News

1897 Kentucky Derby Winner Typhoon II News

Red Flag 2017-1: The Perspective of the 6 Squadron Officer Commanding

Second Line of Defense
His father had served in 6 Squadron after World War II, so there is real passion and commitment to the squadron which filters through from the Wing Commander. This years Red Flag (RF 16-1 17-1) saw the Aussies bring Wedgetail, the RAF bring their most ...

1897 Kentucky Derby Winner Typhoon II News

Bernard Eugene Pinget

Yakima Herald-Republic
It was during this time that Bernie attended a Knights of Columbus Club dance and first met Delphine Marie Pinget. Following high school, he attended St. Mary's University where he studied electrical engineering for one year, then because of World War ...

1897 Kentucky Derby Winner Typhoon II News

The Aviationist » Here Are The World's First F-35A Lightning II ...

The Aviationist (blog)
Two Italian Joint Strike Fighters were given special tail markings to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 13° Gruppo. On Saturday Jun. 24, 2017, the Italian Air ...

1897 Kentucky Derby Winner Typhoon II News

USS Fitzgerald incident recalls another disaster at sea

Minneapolis Star Tribune
Pittsburgh was still undergoing extensive repairs when the war ended on Sept. 2, 1945. A minute-by-minute account of the Pittsburgh's epic battle with the typhoon can be found in my article “The Pittsburgh's Typhoon Battle” in the October 2015 issue of ...

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