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Kentucky Derby

Typhoon II (Jockey: Buttons Garner)

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Typhoon II News

1897 Kentucky Derby Winner Typhoon II News

World War II veteran shares his experiences in the Pacific

Stow Sentry
He earned the Pacific Theatre ribbon (four stars), the American Theatre ribbon, the Victory medal, the World War II medal and the Philippine Liberation medal (one star). As a crew member of the Albert W. Grant during the Battle for Leyte Gulf in ...

1897 Kentucky Derby Winner Typhoon II News

​This week on "Sunday Morning" (April 2)

CBS News
But this one in Norway is known as the “Doomsday Vault” -- a back-up for the whole system, designed to last for thousands of years, protecting humanity should natural disaster or war imperil mankind's food supply. So when a typhoon tore through a seed ...

1897 Kentucky Derby Winner Typhoon II News

The Battle For Moscow: How Russia Stopped Hitler in World War II

Operation Typhoon was like a boxing match between two battered and bloodied fighters barely on their feet. The Soviets could field more than a million soldiers and a thousand tanks at Moscow, dug into multiple defensive lines dug by women and children.

1897 Kentucky Derby Winner Typhoon II News

F-35B UK Weapon Delivery Accuracy phase underway

Its major role in the F-35's SDD phase is enabling the regeneration of the U.K. Carrier Strike capability, which will result in significant contracts and jobs for U.K. industry as the F-35B Lightning II and Typhoon become the U.K.'s Fast Jet Combat Air ...

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