Who Won the 1888
Kentucky Derby

MacBeth II (Jockey: George Covington)

2:38 1/4

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MacBeth II News

1888 Kentucky Derby Winner MacBeth II News

Deaths Elsewhere

Bend Bulletin
Angus Macbeth, 74: Environmentalist and member of an unofficial cadre of lawyers who helped shape environmental regulations in the years following the 1970 creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. Died Jan. 22 of cardiovascular disease at his ...

1888 Kentucky Derby Winner MacBeth II News

Image: Historycenter.org

A.V. Club
Never mind that the '70s also had Exorcist II: The Heretic, and we have Moonlight and Inside Out, or that Godfather II was handily outgrossed by Earthquake. Usually, quality is remembered through the ages, while the disposable crap is quickly ... Iowa ...

1888 Kentucky Derby Winner MacBeth II News

Angus C. Macbeth, lawyer who helped shape environmental rules, dies at 74

Washington Post
Angus Christian Macbeth was born May 9, 1942, in Los Angeles, where his father was a lawyer. Mr. Macbeth grew to around 6-feet-2, and his formal manner gave off an air of confident authority. He also spoke with a slightly British accent, likely ...

1888 Kentucky Derby Winner MacBeth II News

Angus Macbeth Dies at 74; Special Counsel to CWRIC

The Rafu Shimpo
John Dewitt's faulty Final Report issued during World War II as the official government account of the incarceration. In lauding the exemplary work of Macbeth following the issuance of its report, the chair of the CWRIC, Washington lawyer Joan Z ...

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