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Leonatus (Jockey: Billy Donohue)


1882 Kentucky Derby Winner
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1883 Kentucky Derby Winner Leonatus News

Pinky Swear takes a musical whack at murder with 'Lizzie'

Washington Post
The British princess Imogen (Caitlin Partridge) offends her father, King Cymbeline (a poised Christopher Holbert), by marrying the fortuneless gentlewoman Posthumus Leonatus (Briana Manente). After baroque happenings that include a poisoning plot by ...

1883 Kentucky Derby Winner Leonatus News

East bay theater troupe to reenact Shakespeare's “Cymbeline”

The Pioneer
Cymbeline arranges a marriage for his daughter Imogen with Cloten, but Imogen marries her lover Posthumus Leonatus, an honorable man of Cymbeline's court, instead. The rest of the plot involves treachery, poison and deceit and results in a headless ...

1883 Kentucky Derby Winner Leonatus News

Review: Colorado Shakespeare Festival brings deft touch to 'Cymbeline'

Boulder Daily Camera
Complicating the matter, Cymbeline's daughter Imogen (Lindsey Kyler) has secretly married Posthumus Leonatus (Steven Cole Hughes), a gentleman who's fallen out of favor with the king to such a degree that he finds himself banished within the first 10 ...

1883 Kentucky Derby Winner Leonatus News

Would a Brexit Really Be So Crazy?

New Republic
Cloten plans to murder Leonatus, the hero of Shakespeare's Cymbeline. He also, with his mother, helps instigate war with Rome over a refusal to pay tribute. But it is that war which brings Leonatus back to the wife whom he had previously thought ...

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