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1965 Indianapolis 500 Winner Jim Clark News

Cramer: A massive mistake to sell Facebook now

Jim Cramer refuses to be shocked or upset with the stock market anymore. He says that sometimes it is best to just remove all emotions from the equation and make decisions based on key metrics, comparisons and cold hard facts. This was exactly why the ...

1965 Indianapolis 500 Winner Jim Clark News

Gang members or productive citizens — parents have the choice | Jim Clark

Sierra Sun
In 1787, as the Constitutional Convention recessed having completed its work, an anxious lady asked Benjamin Franklin: “So Dr. Franklin, what kind of government are we to have?” He replied: “A republic, madam … if you can keep it.” He might express ...

1965 Indianapolis 500 Winner Jim Clark News

Donald Trump, immigration and the GOP | Jim Clark

Sierra Sun
Donald Trump's recent accusation that illegal aliens from Mexico are primarily criminals, juxtaposed with the unfortunate killing of Kate Steinle by a Mexican illegal and felon as a result of San Francisco's “sanctuary city” law, virtually assures that ...

1965 Indianapolis 500 Winner Jim Clark News

The crazies are alive and well in the Bay Area | Jim Clark

Sierra Sun
Northern Nevadans are used to media stories about thousands of Bay Area button-down millennials migrating annually to Black Rock Desert so they can go crazy at Burning Man. I just returned from a brief visit to San Francisco, and it appears the serious ...

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