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1949 Indianapolis 500 Winner Bill Holland News

Netanyahu Emboldened in Obama Faceoff Seeing Little to Lose
If there's one thing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's critics and allies agree on, it's that he has much to gain on the home front by defying U.S. President Barack Obama. Netanyahu's calculation in accelerating the construction of hundreds ...

1949 Indianapolis 500 Winner Bill Holland News

Movie review: 'Nightcrawler' delivers on creep factor
He pays the bills by stealing metal fencing around L.A. and reselling it to junkyards. Then he meets his first nightcrawler. In TV news jargon, that's someone who goes out at night, following leads from police scanners and, camcorder in hand, rushes to ...

1949 Indianapolis 500 Winner Bill Holland News

UPDATE 7-US nurse defies Ebola quarantine with bike ride; negotiations fail
By Steve Holland. CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine Oct 30 (Reuters) - A nurse who treated Ebola patients in Sierra Leone but has tested negative for the virus went for a bike ride on Thursday, defying Maine's order that she be quarantined in her home and setting ...

1949 Indianapolis 500 Winner Bill Holland News

How Dark Money-Fueled Judicial Elections Corrupt Our Courts
Joshua Holland is a senior digital producer for BillMoyers.com. He's the author of The Fifteen Biggest Lies About the Economy (and Everything Else the Right Doesn't Want You to Know about Taxes, Jobs and Corporate America) (Wiley: 2010), and host of ...

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