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1990 Honda Classic Winner John Huston News

Lumière Festival: Bertrand Tavernier on his Lifelong Love of Classic Westerns

Others had been chosen recently, such as John Huston's “Law and Order” which was chosen by Martin Scorsese when he screened his favorite films at Lumiere. There were other titles I wanted to screen, but for which were unavailable in DCP copies, such as ...

1990 Honda Classic Winner John Huston News

Watch it Again! Ridley Scott's Blade Runner

Bright Lights Film Journal (blog)
The original cut of Blade Runner even had dusky narration by Harrison Ford, collaborating with John Huston and Dashiell Hammett to see a nebulous billboard projecting a Coke ad onto the cloud-line as just a symptom of a people that drinks too much.

1990 Honda Classic Winner John Huston News

Movie Review: 'Blood Money'

Georgetown University The Hoya
Producer David Tish, the executive vice president of creative affairs at Envision Media Arts, intended for “Blood Money” to be a modern version of John Huston's cult classic “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.” In this regard, “Blood Money” also ...

1990 Honda Classic Winner John Huston News

World War I stories told through films, books

Manhattan Mercury
“The African Queen,” 1951, directed by John Huston, is an adaptation of the novel by C.S. Forester. Humphrey Bogart plays a hard-drinking river trader, and Katharine Hepburn portrays a prim missionary. These unlikely travel companions battle nature, ...

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