Who Won the 1968
Heisman Trophy

O J Simpson

University of Southern California

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O.J. Simpson
O. J. Simpson
The Dingo Kids Meet O.J. Simpson
O.J. Simpson Acquitted!
Autographed photo of Charles White with O. J. Simpson
O. J. Simpson
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O J Simpson News

1968 Heisman Trophy Winner O J Simpson News

Notes from the Clinton White House
Washington Post
Clinton crime bill overshadowed by Whitewater and O.J. Simpson. In August 1994, with the president's popularity falling and the midterm elections approaching, political advisers prepared Clinton for a prime-time news conference. They urged him to ...

1968 Heisman Trophy Winner O J Simpson News

The National Enquirer
The collection – which will be auctioned on the website ojtapes.com – includes audiotapes Pardo recorded of Simpson since he's been behind bars – and earlier tapes of O.J. meeting celebrities and visiting 36 cities on public appearance tours. O.J.'s ...

1968 Heisman Trophy Winner O J Simpson News

Donald Trump -- Oscar Pistorius Is 'As Guilty As O.J.'
It's not hard to read between the lines ... despite the overwhelming amount of evidence against him, O.J. was found "not guilty" of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman due, in part, to the fact he was a HUGE star at the time. Pistorius is ...

1968 Heisman Trophy Winner O J Simpson News

Oscar Pistorius and the echoes of OJ Simpson
Both men were star athletes; both were accused of killing a beautiful blonde in a fit of rage. And both became defendants in what the media dubbed “the trial of the century”. The comparisons between O J Simpson and Oscar Pistorius are obvious and ...

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