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1963 Ford Doral Winner Dan Sikes News

UF Students Worried And Curious About Spencer's Speech On Campus

Dan Elken is a second year chemistry student. The 19-year-old Libertarian said while he disagrees with white nationalism, he is still considering attending ... U-F spokeswoman Janine Sikes. “Our idea of a perfect event would be that no one would show ...

1963 Ford Doral Winner Dan Sikes News

Speakers Stress University Pocketbooks

Inside Higher Ed
“We need to examine this,” said Dan Mogulof, a Berkeley spokesman. “There's a delicate ... Spokeswoman Janine Sikes refused to break down the more than $500,000 in expenditures, saying the details could reveal confidential security information. She ...

1963 Ford Doral Winner Dan Sikes News

I Waited for McDonald's Szechuan Sauce and It Was Fine

It hit the fan when supply was vastly outpaced by demand, leading to disgruntled crowds who had waited hours in line for a taste of the sauce. One location was surrounded by fans chanting, "We want the sauce," according to Twitter user Ian Sikes.

1963 Ford Doral Winner Dan Sikes News

Perfidy! Betrayal! Meat Slurry!

Slate Magazine
Rick and Morty's fanbase is so famously toxic that the show's other co-creator, Community's Dan Harmon, called their behavior “disgusting” just a few weeks ago, when they were harassing the show's female writers online. Harmon hired a gender-balanced ...

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