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2002 Caldecott Medal Winner The Three Pigs News

NPR came to Iowa to show what it's like to be a pig farmer

Block said that Kress markets 25,000 pigs a year and raises them from three weeks old up to their market weight of 280 pounds. Additionally, Block said Kress farms about 2,000 acres of row crops. Iowa is the nation's leading hog producer, having 22.4 ...

2002 Caldecott Medal Winner The Three Pigs News

Pig Farming In Iowa Means Dirt Under Your Fingernails And A Strong Sense Of Pride

Now, they market 25,000 pigs a year, raising them from three weeks up to market weight: 280 pounds. They also farm about 2,000 acres of row crops: corn and soybeans. Ryan's first stop of the day is to check on the youngest pigs: about eight weeks old.

2002 Caldecott Medal Winner The Three Pigs News

Children, adults can help solve Porridgegate

Hudson Hub-Times
Porridgegate is a fractured fairytale featuring Goldie Locks and the Three Little Pigs. Ever wonder what happened after the Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed and blew the house of straw and sticks down? This play answers the question. Junior Ronni Hollis ...

2002 Caldecott Medal Winner The Three Pigs News

Going for broke: Students pretty up their pigs for the show ring

Fort Worth Star Telegram
“He looked good, had plenty of muscle, was shined up,” said Mason, who has three more show pigs at home, destined for stock shows in San Antonio, Houston and Austin. At showing, pigs can only have a sheen from water, he said, but while they are being ...

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