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1997 Caldecott Medal Winner Golem News

The clash of the weird citrus golems

HEY REST OF THE WORLD: Did you know that New Zealand has a weird citrus golem as a voting mascot? They tried to hide it from us! pic.twitter.com/xe87aqJ2ML. — Paul F. Tompkins (@PFTompkins) September 21, 2017. You have a weird citrus golem as ...

1997 Caldecott Medal Winner Golem News

The Limehouse Golem: Folklore and murder mix with a twist in Victorian London

The National
Juan Carlos Medina's The Limehouse Golem, based on Peter Ackroyd's 1994 novel Dan Leno and the Limehouse Golem, whisks us back to Victorian-era London, where a particularly grisly string of killings is in progress thanks to a serial killer who fashions ...

1997 Caldecott Medal Winner Golem News

This piece was originally published on Jewcy, Tablet's sister site.

Tablet Magazine
In Issue #174, from 1974 (during Wein's very brief gig as Marvel's editor-in-chief), Wein wrote a story about a Jewish archeologist, Abraham Adamson, who brings young relatives on a desert archeological dig to find the Golem of Prague; Adamson makes it ...

1997 Caldecott Medal Winner Golem News

'The Limehouse Golem': Well-acted horror both fictional and factual ...

Chicago Sun-Times
It lacks the budget of "IT," but the scares in this nasty little Victorian London shocker have more than a few blood-soaked charms of their own.

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