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1988 Caldecott Medal Winner Owl Moon News

The 19 football teams with all-time winning records against Alabama

SB Nation
Flee the horrifying talons of the Rice Owls, cruel lords of Tuscaloosa. A famous ... John F. Kennedy used otherwise lowly Rice's eternal flailing at state power Texas as a metaphor for attempting the impossible, such as trying to land on the moon ...

1988 Caldecott Medal Winner Owl Moon News

Counterculture's next wave: Anna Hafner wants art to be for everyone

Hudson Valley One
... winds down, Hafner brings out a sampling of her creations: highly decorated animal masks — a warthog, a bull, an owl; layered, fanciful dresses; boas made of tulle, net, and ribbon; a brightly painted backdrop of leaves, stars, and a moon with a ...

1988 Caldecott Medal Winner Owl Moon News

The Best Fictional Librarians from Popular Culture

Although he only appears in a handful of episodes, Wan Shi Tong, a spirit owl who oversees a library served by spirit foxes, is unforgettable. I wish I ... A-Through-L (The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two by Catherynne M. Valente).

1988 Caldecott Medal Winner Owl Moon News

How Western Mass. became kids' lit central

The Boston Globe
Her fable The Emperor and the Kite won a 1968 Caldecott Honor, second only to a Caldecott Medal among children's picture book prizes (she also wrote the text for John Schoenherr's 1987 Caldecott Medal winner Owl Moon). Yolen should know a thing or ...

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