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1962 Caldecott Medal Winner Once A Mouse News

Women leave treatment program due to mice

Inspections that didn't hit the mark for Harris and Martin, who have both left the program. "My recovery is going good. I go to three maybe four NAA meetings a week. I meet with my sponsor once a week sometimes more." said Harris. Amethyst Place has a ...

1962 Caldecott Medal Winner Once A Mouse News

When Roald Dahl created witches

The Hindu
Once while he is working on his tree house he realises a witch is trying to entice him with a snake. He climbs even further up the ... They realise that the boy has understood and pour a potion down his throat making him turn into a mouse. What does he do?

1962 Caldecott Medal Winner Once A Mouse News

Five Tips for Dealing With Mice In Your Home

You can also make use of repellents to keep them away once you have them out of your house. Poisons, while effective, aren't ideal because the mice will die somewhere you can't reach, and that can leave you with a pretty nasty smell. When all else ...

1962 Caldecott Medal Winner Once A Mouse News

Backstories You're Better Off Not Knowing

The New Yorker
Your couch was originally purchased by Tonya Simmons, the mother of Jace Simmons, a rising college junior. For two years, Jace used your couch as a trampoline, bookshelf, and sex palace, sometimes all at once. Following Jace's return to his ancestral ...

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