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1962 Caldecott Medal Winner Once A Mouse News

Doomsday sperm bank should be built on the MOON to help humanity survive the apocalypse, scientists say

The Sun
Researchers believe mouse eggs can repair small amounts of damage to DNA once a sperm has fertilised it. However, the damage is likely to become more severe over long periods of time. "If sperm samples are to be preserved for longer periods in space, ...

1962 Caldecott Medal Winner Once A Mouse News

Jared Kushner's Other Real Estate Empire

New York Times
In the townhouse next door lived an older woman with whom Warren became friendly, even doing her grocery shopping once in a while. But over the course of a few months, .... Kamiia Warren at Cove Village, the Kushner Companies property in Essex, Md ...

1962 Caldecott Medal Winner Once A Mouse News

3D printed ovary could help infertile women get pregnant, give birth

Fox 32 Chicago
In this case, that structure was a mouse ovary. Here's how it works: Northwestern researchers ... Once the newly created prosthetic ovary was transplanted back into the mice, the egg cells then began to mature and ovulate. Blood vessels started forming ...

1962 Caldecott Medal Winner Once A Mouse News

New Way to Fight Liver Disease: Via Fungus, UCSD Scientists Say

Times of San Diego
Parts of the fungal cell wall, mainly a sugar called beta-glucan, moved through a mouse's intestinal wall into the surrounding body cavity and organs. Once relocated inside the liver, beta-glucan bound certain immune cells and triggered inflammation ...

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