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1951 Caldecott Medal Winner The Egg Tree News

August is Tree Check Month

Experts say people should pay attention to trees, especially maples, with dying branches. Look for the characteristic exit holes in large branches or the trunks, egg pits and wood shavings at the base of the tree. To learn more about the Asian ...

1951 Caldecott Medal Winner The Egg Tree News

Natural Sightings: Do you have anything for a hungry pilgrim to eat?

Tehachapi News
Female mantids make a sturdy egg case known as an ootheca, which they typically attach to the branch of a tree or shrub. The eggs overwinter inside while all the adult mantids perish in winter. In spring, as many as 50 or more tiny mantids, looking ...

1951 Caldecott Medal Winner The Egg Tree News

Residents don't want quarry, may not have a choice

The Olympian
PLEASANT GARDEN — Gerald Hall's 800 chickens mill around the crowded floor of their metal henhouse, cooing and flapping their wings, as he swings his arm toward a treeline 150 feet to his left. Toward his new neighbor. "That dead tree marks the ...

1951 Caldecott Medal Winner The Egg Tree News

Multimillion-dollar renovation resumes at Hawaii State Art Museum

... disturbed when they are nesting. The egg eventually went missing, but a month later, another egg popped up in a tree next to the building. Now that both bird and egg are gone, the project has the green light to proceed and the building was tented ...

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