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1940 Caldecott Medal Winner Abraham Lincoln News

Why Did Lincoln Move So Slowly to Abolish Slavery? Because He Was a Racist, This Book Argues.

New York Times
Books about Abraham Lincoln often tell us as much about the authors and their times as about their subject. Although Lincoln died a century and a half ago, we see him as our contemporary. As the Great Emancipator, who freed slaves with a stroke of his ...

1940 Caldecott Medal Winner Abraham Lincoln News

Residents of Chicago's North Side crush on statue of 'sexy' Abraham Lincoln

EDGEWATER, Ill. — Residents are gushing over a 13-foot-tall, bronze statue of a robust, young Abraham Lincoln. Yes, Abraham Lincoln. The statue depicts a young Lincoln taking a seat on a stump after a hard day's work and studying his law book.

1940 Caldecott Medal Winner Abraham Lincoln News

'Babe' Lincoln statue steaming up the Windy City

ABC News
A statue in Chicago is depicting the 16th president of the U.S. in a new light, as a young man with flowing hair, a half-buttoned shirt and muscular arms. The 9-foot bronze statue, created by artist Charles Keck in 1945, on Chicago's North Side is ...

1940 Caldecott Medal Winner Abraham Lincoln News

Sexy Abraham Lincoln statue has visitors swooning

If a mention of Abraham Lincoln leaves you picturing a serious-looking statesman with a beard and a stovepipe hat, get ready for a mental makeover. A statue of ...

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