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1912 British Open Winner Ted Ray News

McPhee wins singles

Parkes Champion-Post
In the other matches: Ted Wright and Ray Jones defeated John Ward and Mick Craft, 30-21. Greg Howlett and Gladrin Sun were too good for Arthur Corbett and Col Woods. Warren Bevan and Bruce Deland had a win against Col Mudie and Graham Barby.

1912 British Open Winner Ted Ray News

Fever Ray's New Video Is Obviously Batshit and Amazing

But fuck that, because not only have The Knife put out one last concert film this year but Dreijer's solo Fever Ray project is back and firmly on its theatrical, incredible bullshit. New single "To the ... As she pulls away, Ted's mix kicks off with ...

1912 British Open Winner Ted Ray News

Four lessons retailers can learn from Ted Baker's international growth

Econsultancy (blog)
Ted Baker sets itself apart from other fashion retailers with a distinct brand identity. This is characterised by 'Ted' himself, who is a personification of the brand's quirky and decidedly British image. The brand's founder, Ray Kelvin, has previously ...

1912 British Open Winner Ted Ray News

Ted Baker profits strut ahead of rivals despite slowing US growth

Ray Kelvin, Ted Baker founder and chief executive, blamed distractions from when "Trump was at residence", referring to occasions when the US President's security team shut down much of shopping destination Fifth Avenue in New York. Mr Kelvin also said ...

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