Who Won the 1966
Boston Marathon

Kenji Kemihara (Japan)


1965 Boston Marathon Winner
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Kenji Kemihara News

1966 Boston Marathon Winner Kenji Kemihara News

Marathoning Saves More Lives Than It Takes

Runner's World
Then there was Adidas, bless its heart, which celebrated the completion of the most important event in running by emailing a message saying “Congratulations, you survived the Boston Marathon!” to everyone who had just run it, a message instantly ...

1966 Boston Marathon Winner Kenji Kemihara News

Bauman is back better than ever

From left, Boston Marathon bombing survivors Adrianne Haslet and Jeff Bauman walk with bombing hero Carlos Arredondo and Henry Richard, older brother of bombing victim Martin Richard, and Marathon Director Dave McGillivray, during the DMSE Sports ...

1966 Boston Marathon Winner Kenji Kemihara News

Four remarkable Ohio stories

The Boston Marathon. Howard's first-cousin was Clarence DeMar -- who had a gift and a gait for running, chasing jack rabbits down the Madeira hills on his way to school. Clarence never stopped running, even to work as an adult. Someone suggested he ...

1966 Boston Marathon Winner Kenji Kemihara News

2017 Boston Marathon results

The Boston Globe
49, 405, Matthew P Orlando, Boston, 24, 2:46:39. 50, 411, Manuel A Gonzalez, Cambridge, 27, 2:46:50. 51, 414, Nikolas S Bowie, Cambridge, 29, 2:46:53. 52, 454, Adam S Tenforde, Milton, 36, 2:47:36. 53, 455, Corey Pires, North Easton, 21, 2:47:36.

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