Who Won the 1965
Boston Marathon

Morio Shigematsu (Japan)


1964 Boston Marathon Winner
1966  Winner

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Morio Shigematsu News

1965 Boston Marathon Winner Morio Shigematsu News

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1965 Boston Marathon Winner Morio Shigematsu News

The Mike Toole Show

Anime News Network
Yazawa's anime debut actually came even earlier than Neighborhood Story-- her popular Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai (I'm not an Angel, not to be confused with Takako Shigematsu's similarly-named Tenshi Ja Nai!) was adapted by Group TAC into a single OVA. The ...

1965 Boston Marathon Winner Morio Shigematsu News

Amby Burfoot Recalls A Much Different Boston Marathon

Hartford Courant
Burfoot saw a gaggle of top Japanese runners (Morio Shigematsu would win the race and the Japanese would finish an unprecedented 1-2-3-5-6 that year) go by. He spotted Boston Marathon icon Johnny "The Elder" Kelley warming up, wearing an old ...

1965 Boston Marathon Winner Morio Shigematsu News

Lisa Rainsberger among past champs running 2015 Boston Marathon

Boston Globe (subscription)
Past champions Gelindo Bordin (1990), Amby Burfoot (1968), Lisa Rainsberger (1985), and Joan Samuelson (1979 and 1983) will participate in the 2015 Boston Marathon, the Boston Athletic Association announced Tuesday. Another group of past winners ...

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