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Hideo Hamamura (Japan)


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1955 Boston Marathon Winner Hideo Hamamura News

Six Years After Seeing The First Atomic Bomb Detonate in Hiroshima, Shigeki Tanaka of Japan Won the Boston Marathon

April 19, 1951 — Patriots' Day in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts — was, as always, a massive day for sports in Boston. The Boston Braves were hosting a doubleheader against Bobby Thomson's New York Giants. The Harlem Globetrotters were ...

1955 Boston Marathon Winner Hideo Hamamura News

Le chateau de l'araignée

Au XVIème siècle, deux généraux samouraïs, Washizu et Miki, se perdent dans la forêt au retour d'une bataille victorieuse. Ils rencontrent une sorcière qui prédit que Watshizu règnera sur le royaume, mais que ce sont les enfants de Miki qui lui ...

1955 Boston Marathon Winner Hideo Hamamura News

The Anime Version of Real-Life Anime Creators

Hirokazu Hamamura was previously the Editor-in-Chief of game mag Famitsu. He is now the president of the magazine's parent company, Enterbrain. Naoyuki Onda is an anime vet with a long list of credits and a buff look. Yuji Matsukura has produced anime ...

1955 Boston Marathon Winner Hideo Hamamura News

Kojima discusses Metal Gear Solid 5, open worlds and the need for the Ground Zeroes prologue

Back at E3, Hideo Kojima showed off a video of Metal Gear Solid 5 that introduced the cast and showed off some of the game's new play mechanics. It was a bit of a surprise to a lot of gamers, especially when Kojima started talking about things ...

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