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Keizo Yamada (Japan)


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1953 Boston Marathon Winner Keizo Yamada News

A Parma coro da Kagawa

La Repubblica
Si rinnova quest'anno lo scambio con la Sakaide High School di Takamatsu, nell'abito del Protocollo sottoscritto lo scorso anno tra Comune di Parma e Governatore della Prefettura di Kagawa Keizo Hamada. La vicesindaco, Nicoletta Paci, con delega alla ...

1953 Boston Marathon Winner Keizo Yamada News

Reporting of adverse events related to dietary supplements to a public health center by medical staff: a survey of ...

Dove Medical Press
Background: Dietary supplements are used by >50% of the adult population in Japan, and adverse events related to these products have been reported with their increased use. Thus, an efficient system to gather and report data on these adverse events is ...

1953 Boston Marathon Winner Keizo Yamada News

Imperial abdication talk poses question of Japan's next era

The Japan Times
Within hours of Emperor Hirohito's death, then-Chief Cabinet Secretary Keizo Obuchi held an emergency news conference announcing to the public the start of the Heisei Era, meaning “achieving peace,” effective the following day. Does the government ...

1953 Boston Marathon Winner Keizo Yamada News

New Godzilla Resurgence Photos And Details Released

Executive Producer: Akihiro Yamauchi Production Manager: Takeshi Sato Line Producer: Kensei Mori Cinematography: Kosuke Yamada Lighting: Takayuki Kawabe Art Directors: Yuji Hayashida, Eri Sakushima Production Manager: Masato Inatsuki Set Decorators ...

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