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1937 Boston Marathon Winner Walter Young News

HAMILTON: Reagan, Mondale and the old dogs of Niagara Falls

Niagara Gazette
Soon the old hound died and, I suppose, the young schnauzer actually matured. This was back in the mid-1980s, and if I had to name the dogs, I'd name the old one Ronald and the young pup Walter. That's because they reminded me of the mid-'80s ...

1937 Boston Marathon Winner Walter Young News

The 34-Year-Old Hedge Fund Manager Who Bet Everything On A Stock That Tanked

Vadim Perelman was a young hedge fund hot shot not so long ago, overseeing a portfolio in the hundreds of millions at the age of 31, hopping on corporate boards, and issuing lengthy slide presentations about his favorite stock picks. But then Perelman ...

1937 Boston Marathon Winner Walter Young News

Movie review: Broadbent searches his past in 'Sense of an Ending'

Florida Times-Union
It's a mission that both exasperates and fascinates his ex-wife, Margaret (Walter), who points out that in all their years together, he never bothered to tell her about either Veronica or Adrian, the other two sides of a painful triangle. Clearly, this ...


1937 Boston Marathon Winner Walter Young News

Going to Miss 'Girls'? Norway's 'Young & Promising' Supplies Its Own Band of Flailing, Artistic Millennials

Young & Promising is engaging indeed; my only negative is that there are a few typos in the Walter Presents subtitles. I found myself rooting for these characters and actually wanting to befriend them, unlike, at this point, the Girls protagonists ...

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